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BCPL Directors

There have been many individuals since the term 'Library' was used in Brooke County- from as early as the late 1890's- that have supported and paved the path for what our libraries have become today. A woman by the name of Ethel Charnock was a leading force that set the foundation for when Pearl Baker took over. 

For our official records, the libraries had not been incorporated until 1955 and the official location of the Brooke County Public Library was later established at present location 945 Main Street. We begin our official list of prior directors upon the opening of the current Main Location as of 1972. 

Baker Headshot Temprary.png

Pearl Baker

1972 - 3/31/1979 (started in 1956)

Bill Muller Headshot Courtesy of Hall Wynne Funeral Home.jpg

William "Bill" Albert Muller, III

1/1983 - 6/1984

(photo courtesy of Hall Wynne)

Mary Kay Wallace Headshot.jpg

Mary Kay (Hartmann) Wallace

8/1/1997 - 8/1/2014

Camille Leslie Headshot.jpg

Camille Leslie

7/19/1979 - 7/8/1982

Dolores Antigo Headshot.jpg

Dolores Antigo

9/1/1984 - 12/31/1994 June 1997 - July 1997

Schneider Headshot.jpg

Alexandra L. (Eberle) Schneider

8/4/2014 - present


Betty Gay Meyers

Assit. Director.

Acting Director between Leslie and Muller and again between Muller and Antigo

Amy Kastigar Headshot.jpg

Amy Kastigar

1/1/1995 - 5/31/1997

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