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BCPL Resume Tip #30

We're back, resume writers! Let's get your resume/CV polished up this month.

Resume Tip #30 - Include certifications that apply.

There are a lot of resources out there now for free or low cost programs online and in person to pick up skills! Most of these sessions and activities are available readily with little more than registration required, possibly a small fee.

The majority of these are non-specific to a certain job position, mostly in basic computer usages. Microsoft and Google are commonly known entities that offer easy and up to date trainings you can do from the comfort of your own home. Consider working these through to completion and then you can include them on your resume! It may even be a small factor that sets you apart from other candidates.

Of course, you should also try to obtain and include any certification programs that are relevant to your field. If you have a job path in a specialized medical or industrial setting, it's a good idea to sign up for any specific workshops or programs. Maybe you completed an official training on a certain piece of equipment that would apply to the job you're considering? As long as you have documentation that was completed, it's a good idea to at least mention it on your resume.

If you're not sure of when you completed a certification though (such as the year) or if you do have any documentation you'd be able to provide, you may want to skip it. You wouldn't want an interviewer to ask you a follow up question if you didn't at least have basic proof.

Thanks for checking in with us again! And remember, your local library is always there to help with your job hunt!

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