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BCPL Resume Tip #36

Welcome back, job hunters! We can't wait to share another helpful hint for writing your resume.

Resume Tip #36 - Regarding Remote Work.

Not so long ago a work-from-home job position and previous experience were rare. But now more and more companies are switching to an environment other than the office, which is exciting! This opens up new ideas about communication and employee daily life.

Remote work job skills are probably something you have more of than you realize! For example, you could list under your attributes - returning emails and messages quickly. All too often employees at home are less distracted, but some people struggle to focus themselves on certain tasks. Every work-from-home team has that one person that seems to disappear just when they're needed, and you don't want to be them.

Other assets for work from home are ability to work independently, self-motivation, self-pacing work loads and projects, completing tasks as assigned within a timely manner, and being comfortable using virtual meeting programs such as Teams, Zoom, or Webex.

It's also important to keep in mind you may be applying to job nowhere near your home location. In this case, you probably will save money on commuting and be exempt from driving in for a partial in-office or meetings-only set of days. However, the downside is that you may still not get the same salary or hourly rate as other colleagues. This could be for many reasons, including cost of living in your area or stipends for food or gas.

You should also keep in mind the challenges of working for a team that is not in your current time zone. If you're the only person on Eastern time instead of Central, you may have to work an hour or two later technically that your coworkers. Also, you will have to mentally adjust the times of trainings and meetings to your own time.

We hope some of these factors and suggestions came in handy as you considered a remote work job application! And remember, your local library is always here to help with your job search with resources you may not expect.

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