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BCPL Resume Tips

Welcome back, workers! We're excited to give you another resume tip this month from Brooke County Libraries.

Resume Tip #25 - Consider listing your job duties by order of importance.

When describing your previous job positions, it can be hard to know where to start! Typically, we advise our resume warriors to think about their day start to finish and walk their potential employer through those tasks and responsibilities. However, if you have a lot of work experience to describe, you should consider using order of importance.

For example, any management, supervisory, or team leading duties are a great place to start your description! That's the type of responsibility potential employers are looking for every day, and odds are, it was one of your most vital daily tasks. So, start that little paragraph out with notes like "oversaw team projects" or "consulted other staff members on their daily challenges".

Maybe you weren't a team leader, and that's okay! Were you a problem-solver or maybe worked solely on a designated duty? That's another good place to start. Consider listing items like this first - "Completed weekly spreadsheet of high dollar accounts" or "daily maintenance checks on heavily used equipment".

That's our tip for this month, folks! Check back in next month for more helpful hints regarding your resume or CV. And remember that your local library is a great place to look for help with your job search!

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