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Emergency Board Meeting

Just a notice regarding todays emergency board meeting that should be relatively quick in order to give the Director direction on how to proceed.

We just found out  last night that our accounting firm will be dropping us and many others due to circumstances we understand (no contact now in the area to service us). We are in need of rolling over to a new one for our bill and payroll needs etc. We will get the official letter sometime mid/late next week thereby only giving us a little over a week to move forward before we close for Christmas break.

A quroum of board members will be present at a staff event this evening and the Director will be able to have a quorum to quickly go over what she has for them for the decision process. 

Agenda is as follows:

Call Meeting to Order

Open Session to the Public

Emergency New Business

*New Accounting Firm Needed End of December


The formal agenda with date/time/location is available:

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