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Feb. Author Birthdays

Wondering what fabulous fiction authors also have February birthdays? We've got handful of our favorites to share. Why not check out one of their great reads to celebrate?

Marissa Meyer

Born on February 19th 1984

Gillian Flynn

Born on February 24th 1971

Jules Verne

Born on February 8th 1828

John Grisham

Born on February 8th 1955

Judy Blume

Born on February 12th 1938

Charles Dickens

Born on February 7th 1812

Ayn Rand

Born on February 2nd 1905

John Steinbeck

Born on February 27th 1902

Amy Tan

Born on February 19th 1952

Check in with Brooke County Libraries in person or on WV Reads to find some great reads by these authors! And check back in next month and next year to find more author birthdays to celebrate with us!

As always, images and info are courtesy of author web pages such as WV Reads, Goodreads, Google, etc.

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