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Staff Reviews 2-28-23

Code 6

By James Grippando

Release Date: January 3, 2023

Ebook and EAudiobook Available from WV Reads!

3 Stars - A solid mystery with a rather thrilling concept regarding big data, probably more fun actually if you're new to Grippando's work. If you've been an avid reader of his like me, you might find too many similarities to his other books. This is based around his play Watson, and that material I found truly interesting. Unfortunately, the characters are less fascinating. Kate, the main character, was a little difficult to embrace for much of the book, even though basically, minus wealth, we have plenty in common. But she's a likable enough neutral main party to center things around. The side characters range from cliche to dumb most of the time with the exception of her shadowy father and the under utilized ex-boyfriend. The narrator was new to me and did an impressive job with such wide range of material. I think it would have kept a better pace and been top-notch if it was about one-third shorter.


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