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Staff Reviews 7-7-23

The Scandal

By Kristen Proby

Release Date: July 12, 2022

Ebook Available from WV Reads

3 Stars - A cute couple with great families find themselves on the fast track relationship wise, makes for a light romance read. Unfortunately, I didn't like the set up or understand the title. There was very little drama. And not in the best way. Grayson and Stella have an usual first meeting but it was a really a pointless plot device. Stella's the daughter of Nate and Jules, one of the more racy and rough couples from the original series. She's a tad wild and quirky, if a bit over emotional at times. I saw a bit of each parent in her. Gray's a nice counterpart for her, quite steady and serious. He's almost too much more mature and caring in fact. But the book lacked a truly engaging storyline. Most scenes felt like fillers, and the conflicts were flat and quick. Big fans of Proby's work will have fun spotting character cameos and seeing the next generation of Seattle sweethearts. Casual readers will probably be entertained but not enthralled.


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