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Staff Reviews 9-19-23

Finding Carly

By Susan Stoker

Release Date: October 11, 2022

Ebook Available from WV Reads!

3 Stars - Longish romance with a hint of suspense. The pacing isn't bad but there's too much time spent on their slow burn relationship, Carly's anxiety, and Jag's secret past for the reveals to live up to the expectation. It's takes until about 75% of the way through anything really significant to happen. I had wandered away from this author and series, but Carly's story had been intriguing when introduced in earlier books. The plot itself didn't disappointment with a mysterious accomplice from her psycho ex-boyfriend's weird games lurking around. Carly herself sort of got lost in the other parts of the story. Jag was a patient and strong hero too. His tragic past was maybe a little much for this story though. I thought it felt out of place rather than a deep way to connect to the character. Recaps of other couples abound as usual in the series. So fans can revisit some familiar names and faces. A pretty tension filled climax fell a bit flat with the passive resolution. Not a bad entry altogether, probably a unique and bright spot in the series for big Stoker fans. Other readers may not be as invested.


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