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Make a Tax-Deductible Donation to BCPL and help us with our mission!

Contact the Director for a receipt. 

Patron Notice: Service Fee

  • This transaction will include a service fee if you pay with your credit or debit card. The total payment will include either a $2.50 or 2.95% service fee (whichever is greater)

    • Anything $88.59 and under =$2.50 fee​
    • Anything $88.60 and over = 2.95% fee
    • Anything $0.99 and under will only be accepted in extreme circumstances and will be assessed for no fee. 
  • Service Fees are assessed by the credit card processor, not by the Brooke County Public Libraries.

  • Service Fees Are Non-Refundable

  • We proudly accept: Visa, MasterCard, & Discover

  • Your statement will reflect 2-line items for this transaction

    • Payment to Brooke County Public Libraries​

    • Service Fee associated with the processing of your payment

Please note, if you are only paying for one item fill out the necessary requirements and click CHECKOUT. If you need to pay for multiple items (i.e. fine & replacement cost) choose ADD TO CART after you choose the item and amount for each item that you need to pay for, then choose CHECKOUT when you are done.

If you are trying to clear an account for immediate use or pay for something as a contactless pick-up fee, you may need to contact one of the library locations during open hours to clear the automation system itself of any red flag charges and/or to release a fax etc.

This may take time. Please plan accordingly.

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