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Brooke Hancock Partners in
Prevention (PIP) Teams


To serve the families raising children in our communities by providing education, partnership, and resources to them in order for them to have the tools that every parent/guardian/grandparent needs. 

Current Partnership Entities and the Team Members:

PIP Team Image.jpg
Brooke Baby Safety Shower Flyer 2023.jpg

For the past few years, the PIP teams have thrown a baby Safety Shower(s) to benefit new families or soon-to-be families.

By connecting families with resources, the hope is to reduce the stress levels that families face.


As a result, our goal is to educate and distribute resources and connect families to services they need in the hopes we help prevent child abuse and advocate for safe sleep practices. The teams serve their areas respectfully.

Please note, this site is home to information for the PIP Teams and its events only due to the volume of team members and their entities.


Questions should be directed at the Team Lead or other Team Members of the group. 

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