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BCPL Resume Tip #38

We've got a new tip this February to help you get the most out of your resume!

Resume Tip #38 - Be Clear and Concise

Or in other words, keep your resume short and sweet. We have said before it should only be one page. We have to keep in mind that managers reviewing your resume are probably dealing with a short staff situation and therefore are very busy.

You do not want to go into too much detail. Leave out some irrelevant details such as the location of previous employers if you're applying for a remote position. Savethe reader a little time. Also, be descriptive about your prior job duties but don't bog down your tasks with obvious information. Such as "serviced customers at the drive-thru window from opening to close and counted their money before opening my drawer..." can just be "worked the drive-thru window and assisted customers quickly and efficiently".

Remember that your resume is often your first impression on a new supervisor you'll see or talk to every day! And your local library (whereever you are) is a great place for help with your job search.

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