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BCPL Resume Tip #39

Weclome back, job hunters! We've got another quick and easy resume tip for you this March. Let's get to it...

Resume Tip #39 - Show You Are A Team Player

Most jobs involve team work whether it's in person or virtual. So most employers are searching for someone that will fit in with their crew. While sometimes personalities and jobs just don't mix, the number one thing every supervisor is on the lookout for is someone who can play nice with others and even lend them a hand.

How do you put that into words on your resume? In your job duties of the past mention "worked as a team to..." or "assisted my coworker(s) with". If you're the type of person to volunteer to help others once your work is complete, try to include that! If you worked a big group project with a small team, try to throw that in your work history. Maybe your last manager included you on meetings or discussions where you were invited to brainstorm solutions to company issues with other employees. All these scenarios and more make you a great team player and a great candidate!

Keep in mind, your local library is here to help with your job search.

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