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BCPL Resume Tip #40

We're back, resume writers! And we have another hopefully helpful tip for making your resume stand out against the rest.

Resume Tip #40 - Show You Are an Independent Worker

Last month, we said it's important to show you're a team player. But it's equally important to have an employee that can work on their own efficiently. Group projects and sharing workloads are big parts of any job position. But most of the time, you will be responsible for your own work.

And you should want to own your own efforts and accomplishments! Be sure to include tasks that you perform solo on a regular basis such as completing assigned projects, sidework/clean up duties, or possibly reviewing a specific spreadsheet or account. Projecting your ability to work on your specific duties show a potential employer you can be trusted to complete your tasks without needing assistance constantly. No one wants to manage or work with someone who requires a "hand-holding" presence all day.

Ability to self-pace and self-motivate are a huge asset from a management perspective. All bosses are looking for an employee they do not actually have to boss around. They're busy after all! If you can work into your resume times throughout your work day or week you take the intiative to close up the building, clean up a work station, or keep an account clear, it might make all the difference.

We'll return in May with another piece of resume advice. Until then, remember your local library is a great place for help with your job hunt!

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