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Congratulations to the Classes of 2024!

Congratulation to not only our local Brooke High School Class of 2024, but all individuals in our communities who graduated already or graduates soon for any type of level of education!

We know that sometimes your connection and/or support from your school may come to an end due to the nature of what they are, but the libraries will continue to be here for you to continue to connect you to anything you may need for your future endeavors!

Huge thank you to the local schools and their faculty for making sure our youth are striving for greatness! Our county is blessed with not only our local public schools, but private and postsecondary schools as well!

We are also here for you as you potentially pause for summer and get ready for the next school year!

Looking for something to do as you all decompress until your next chapter? Try out our Summer Reading Program which is for all ages:

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