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June 3, 2024 - New Arrivals

Adult Fiction

Half a Pig and Other Frontier Stories by Matthew P. Mayo.

Gathered for the first time, this robust collection of eighteen frontier tales, Half a Pig (and Other Stories of the West), from Spur and Wrangler Award-winning author Matthew P. Mayo, rides hard with a range of fast-action offerings, including the previously unpublished novella, "Trouble at Tall Pine," starring ever-popular Roamer, noble loner forever trying to lose himself in the West. Inside, you'll find the lynching-inspired Spur Award finalist title story, 'Half a Pig'; the bone-cold, eye-for-an-eye drama of Will Rogers Medallion Award-winning 'Peaches'; the clanking, clockwork gundown of Peacemaker Award finalist 'Scourge of the Spoils'; and numerous other critically acclaimed short stories, including the noir-tinged pages of 'Snows of Montana' and 'Snake Farm.' There's the classic Western barroom showdown in 'Just Once,' the time-travel nightmare of 'Been a Long Time,' and the brutal hunter/hunted chase novella 'Bloodline.' The freaky shaman's subterranean rituals in 'The Witch Hole' rival the grim comeuppance of a truly bad seed in 'Pay the Ferryman.' And then there's the mysterious journal of the gritty disappearance of an inveterate rover in 'Lucky Tam' ... and so much more. But wait! There's also an eyebrow-raising stack of five bold and brassy adventures of that silent, noble loner, Roamer, and his jug-hoisting mentor, crusty mountain man, Maple Jack, including the heretofore unpublished 'Trouble at Tall Pine.'


The Accomplice by Steve Cavanaugh.

The Sandman killings have been solved. Daniel Miller murdered fourteen people before he vanished. His wife, Carrie, now faces trial as his accomplice. The FBI, the District Attorney, the media and everyone in America believe she knew and helped cover up her husband's crimes. THE LAWYER: Eddie Flynn won't take a case unless his client is innocent. Now, he has to prove to a jury, and the entire world, that Carrie Miller was just another victim of the Sandman. She didn't know her husband's dark side and she had no part in the murders. But so far, Eddie and his team are the only ones who believe her. THE FORMER FBI AGENT: Gabriel Lake used to be a federal agent, before someone tried to kill him. Now, he's an investigator with a vendetta against the Sandman. He's the only one who can catch him, because he believes that everything the FBI knows about serial killers is wrong. THE KILLER: With his wife on trial, the Sandman is forced to come out of hiding to save her from a life sentence. He will kill to protect her and everyone involved in the case is a target. Even Eddie Flynn...


Devil’s Gulch by William W. Johnstone & J. A. Johnstone.

"John Holt is a traveling gunslinger. He's been liberating dirty towns west of the Mississippi of murdering outlaw trash ever since the Civil War ended. No questions asked. Payment on demand. The only way out of this town is in a pinewood box. Holt's latest job is in Devil's Gulch in Colorado Territory. But wiping out bands of bank robbers is just the beginning. More disorder is brewing, and the skittish mayor has handpicked Holt as the new sheriff. Holt is what the town needs: a mercenary with a badge, a loaded Remington, and a deadeye-aim for trouble. Devil's Gulch has the vigilance committee. The man behind it--Joe Mullen, the largest rancher and mine owner in the valley--isn't keen on an outsider like Holt muscling in on a good thing. Mullen already has his hand in all the crime in Devil's Gulch. He also triggers it. He likes keeping things wild. With the barbaric Bostrom brood under his command, he's hoping it stays that way. Holt quickly finds himself on familiar ground: up against cutthroats on the other side of the only law that counts. Holt's law. Devil's Gulch is his town now. And he's itching to clean it till it sparkles."-- Provided by publisher.


Adult Non-Fiction

Renters’ Rights by Janet Portman & Ann O’Connell.

The landlord ignores your repair requests. Your roommates are once again late with their share of the rent. Your upstairs neighbors party all the time. The landlord won't return your security deposit. How can you deal with these problems--and others--or prevent them from happening at all? Turn to Renters' Rights.


Homeschool Rising by Christy-Faith.

Homeschool Rising is a guide for anyone interested in homeschooling their children, regardless of background. It busts through the myths surrounding homeschooling, reveals the failures of our current school system, and demonstrates how home education and loving, motivated parents can provide a solution for students and families everywhere. There are many assumptions made about homeschooling--that the child will be "socially awkward" due to lack of social interaction, that parents are not equipped to educate their children, that homeschooling is only for White, Christian, middle-class parents, and more. In Homeschool Rising, educator Christy-Faith offers insights from more than 20 years in the field and her experience working with thousands of students to debunk these myths and misconceptions. The truth is, homeschooling sets today's students up for success in a way that traditional schooling no longer can. This authoritative yet casual and accessible guide provides parents the tools, courage, and knowledge to opt out of the school system and take charge of their children's education.


Easy/Juvenile/Young Adult/Graphic Novel

Popcorn Bob by Maranke Rinck.  E

Ellis loves popcorn. Who doesn’t? But one day her school goes on a healthy eating campaign and her dads decide to follow suit, banning all snack foods from their house, INCLUDING POPCORN. Unfair. Ellis has got to get around that edict, so one night she pops a bag of popcorn out back in the garage...and she's met with more than just her favorite salty snack. One kernel refuses to pop, and soon it's sprouted a face, arms, and legs! He introduces himself as Popcorn Bob, and he is NOT in a good mood. (Ever, really.) He's absolutely ravenous, and no amount of food keeps him from being hangry. Bob causes no end of chaos for Ellis, and she decides to rid herself of him once and for all, except...she actually starts to like him.


Harry the Dirty Dog by Gene Zion.  E

Harry is a white dog with black spots who absolutely, positively hates to take a bath. After a day of adventure, Harry gets so dirty that he no longer looks like a white dog with black spots. Now he looks like a black dog with white spots!

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