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Special Adventure Access for TWO WEEKS ONLY!

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

During September 19th through the 30th, our Page Turner LAUGH & LEARN Adventure is Everglades Adventure. In this magical tale Kenny and Page travel through the River of Grass to save the Once Upon a Time Machine. Panthers and alligators and manatees...oh my!

This is an interactive program presented digitally and includes musical shows, fun crafts, experiments, games and activities*. These are not plop and watch videos! This is a Watch & Do program that turns Viewers into Doers.

Page Turner Adventures' LAUGH & LEARN Series develops kids’ creative muscles, divergent thinking skills, imaginations, emotional intelligence, patience, and funny bones so they are equipped with the problem solving tools they need to navigate life’s adventures with a positive attitude and a sense of humor. (*materials needed are included on the site to help preparation for parents).

Please let Kim Harless know if you participated or logged on. We will have a very short survey to hand out for it at the end of the program. username: brookepublib password: JoinTheFunPTA

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