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Staff Reviews 3-8-23

Red Winter

By Marc Cameron

Release Date: December 6, 2022

Ebook and Audiobook available from WV Reads!

3 Stars - A fairly tight Jack Ryan prequel. Refreshing to jump back in time with Jack verses him being (what feels like at times) in the longest presidential terms since FDR. The first few chapters are shrouded in mystery as we try to figure out where Jack and his crew will fit into the puzzle. How they match up against the ruthless villians is an exciting prospect throughout the majority of the book. Cameron has a knack for keeping things fast paced and handling a lot of characters without sacrificing their personalities, a must for this series. But I admit the usual intensity and depth didn't seem to come through with this entry.

A small side complaint regarding some of the newest ghost writers. We know you know what guns and aircraft are cool. Working them into not just the page descriptions but the dialouge in the same scene is a bit much. The one with Dan getting picked up from the firing range was cringe-inducing because it was such an obvious attempt to up the word and page count.


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