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Today Was A Success, But We Are Not Done Yet!

Huge shout-out to our staff Alex, Thomas, Heather, and Emily; our board members Linda Amos (and her Husband Walter) and Jerry Fluharty; and our longtime volunteer Valla, for attempting the project in Follansbee today!

We got a lot accomplished but unfortunately have a lot more to do. 6 hours of work dented our to-do list and they were all out of steam to attempt anymore.

Why are we updating the ceiling tiles and painting the rails you ask?

Well we have a few tiles that have aged poorly, are damaged from prior issues, and a few with vents which were deemed an issue with our latest insurance building check.

The problem was then how will the library afford the repair/replacement? The City is responsible for maintaining the building and with many other projects in the city, it can make it hard.

Our Director Alex, met with a private donor who donated the funds to purchase the new tiles and another Donor gave money in memory of his late mother, Mae McGraw, that purchased the paint.

We are still not done. So please bear with us as we are in search of more ladders and muscles and will potentially need another day or two in the future for closures.

We also have an HVAC replacement coming up within the next month or two as well, so keep a look out for future closures!

Already the work done showcases a beautiful facelift which we hope welcomes our patrons warmly during their visits!

Our staff are all now at home scrubbing paint off of clothes and bodies, so next time you see them please congratulate them on a fantastic job well done!

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