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BCPL Resume Tip #37

Welcome back to our resume tips series! We know the beginning of the year is a big time for job searches. Let's get you started off on the right foot.

Resume Tip # 37 - Always be honest.

It's always tempting to exaggerate when applying for a job. Many employers even expect it. But you should keep your experience and job descriptions true to your personal history.

There's nothing wrong with painting yourself in a flattering light. You don't have to call any attention to your faults. But save the spin for the job interview. You want your resume, your first impression usually, to be accurate. If you pass the resume test for a potential manager, you will get called for the interview. If they ask you about experience you don't have, you could be put on the spot. Even worse, you may agree to future job duties or tasks you're unprepared for, and then you won't receive the training you need.

Another simple and hopefully helpful hint to assist with your job search. Remember, your local library is a great place to work on your job hunt!

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