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BCPL Resume Tip #42

Thanks for checking in, resume writers! Let's get started improving or writing your resume, shall we?

Resume tip #42 - Think Like Management

Any time you're writing something, anything at all, you want to consider your audience. Even if you're just writing for your own information or enjoyment, you think about your needs right? Well, with a resume, you certainly want to think about your potential new supervisor or manager while you're writing it.

If you've never been the boss before, or maybe you've been your own boss for a long time, that's okay. You still know what skills you think are valuable in an employee. Of course, there are the basics like showing up on time and being reliable. Everyone is going to claim those traits so they don't go on your resume. But, there are many attributes worth listing.

Such as:

Willing to help - teamwork, team player, ready to assist with any task needed

Goal-oriented - striving to meet standards like productivity or customer service

Considerate - always putting coworkers, customers, and/or the company first

Self-sufficient - ability to perform assigned job duties responsibly and independently

Adding in details like those above can help you stand out from other candidates. Think about if you were hiring someone, what are you looking for in their work history and references? And put those things into your resume where you can.

And remember, your potential new employer is busy. Maybe they have a short-staffed team or are looking to lighten someone's heavy workload. So don't overfill or expand your resume and make them read too much to find the real you! Keep it one page and stick to the best descriptions so they can quickly identify you as a great candidate.

Remember always, your local library is great place to work on your job search!

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