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Staff Review 7-5-24

Fangirl Down

By Tessa Bailey

Release Date: February 13, 2024

Ebook Available from WV Reads!

4 Stars - I went into this book with high standards but low expectations. As an honest to God golf fangirl myself I couldn't believe there was finally a romcom out there for us! And while Tessa Bailey has slipped from my auto-buy list to my freebie read list over the years, I was actually excited about one of her plots for a change lately. Jo aka Belle aka Fangirl is an adorable heroine. She is plucky and easy to root for. She's rooting for Wells, who is not adorable. He's sort of the antithesis of a pro golfer but it worked. He falls hard and fast for her, and that's what made the book so much fun. I was braced for a ton of incorrect golf info, but rest assured readers who are not golf fangirls, it's relatively basic on the golf itself. Pros don't get to use binoculars, nobody "takes" a putt, fangirls usually don't carry signs, and Torrey Pines is played in January. But it was a cute and light depiction of the golf world and very sweet love story!


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