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Library Card Image Competition

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Calling all Graphic Artists & Photographers!

Are you a graphic artist or a photographer? Do you want to give back to the library and submit an image that we could end up using for the front of our next round of library card printing? Then we have a mission for you!

The Library is looking for something unique aside from using our full logo as-is and would like to see if someone in the community has an option to submit for the Board to decide on our next printing of library cards. Our current card features our old Library Automation Consortium of NLN or NorLN. To further help brand them, we had to use stickers of our new Consortium to place on the front. However, since we are in a newer Library Consortium and have a new Logo we got a few years ago, now is the time to redesign.


  • The image must either be a graphically rendered image or a digital photography image

  • The image cannot contain any copyrighted images/graphics

  • BCPL Logos shared for the purpose of this contest are to be used for this contest and no other projects.

  • BCPL retains ownership of any submitted graphic design or photography image.

  • Minors must have parent/guardian consent

  • There is no compensation, however, a tax donation letter can be drafted for in-kind work done.

  • Image rendered should incorporate the BCPL Logo (two types that you can download here).

  • Any photography workpiece, will not be accepted if the applicant is submitting a rendered photo of just one facade of one of the locations. We have two library locations and this makes it hard to use only one building as a lone image.

  • Submission

    • Via eMail Subject Line: BCPL Lib Card Competition Submission

    • The image must be in a JPG or PNG file format

    • The application must also be attached to the email.

  • The deadline to submit via email is January 5th, 2024

Images will be discussed at the normally scheduled Board meeting in January. All applicants will be notified via eMail as to the project's competition outcome. If a Winner is chosen from an applicant, they will be invited to see the cards when they arrive after further production is done for the setup we must do for the back of the card.

We are excited to see what our community talent may render! If an image is chosen, it will be in the wallets and purses of community members for years to follow!

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