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Side Quest Wednesdays are Permanently Postponed

The library has been highly supported by a group of volunteers that have been running our YA D&D Program and Side Quest Wednesdays.

Unfortunately, the time involved in both programs is a bit much and as a result, the library is going to permanently postpone Side Quest Wednesdays until a future time allows for it to start back up.

We have had continued success with our highly demanded YA D&D and want to continue the support our Game Masters need for more personal time and to allow them to narrow down what they are able to support currently.

We hope our public understands the need to support the amazing volunteer base that we have cultivated these past few years.

If we are able to ever get this back off the ground, we will let you all know. As of right now, our YA D&D Club is still an amazing opportunity that our youth can take part in.

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