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Staff Reviews 3-17-23

A Room with a View

By EM Forester

Release Date: 1908

Ebook and Audiobook Available from WV Reads!

3 Stars - A small book packed with social observations. It's fascinating all the lives that are touched on here in just a sliver of time. Sadly, the audiobook's narration left a lot to be desired for me. While the narrator put a lot of effort into different voices and accents, I struggled to keep up with the cast of characters. I'd recommend the Ebook or hard copy instead. Lucy, the darling heroine, is trapped, as many young people are, between her own expectations and those of everyone around her. While it takes her awhile to come out of her shell, it's a satisfying scene when she finally stands up for herself so boldy. Of course the details are out of date, but many of themes remain very relevant today. Worth a read and even a discussion.


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