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Staff Reviews 3-30-23

Dream Town

By David Baldacci

Release Date: April 19, 2022

Ebook & Audiobook Available from WV Reads.

3 Stars - Archer's best adventure is saved for last (for now). It may have even peaked here. His tough guy persona is tested in more ways than one. Unlike the last two books, he's got a pretty solid support system and set of friends now. And they add a lot to the story. The plot was as far reaching as ever, but oddly, it seemed a bit more original than the other two entries. Even if it was at times harder to follow. The narrators did an excellent job and help with following a fairly huge cast of characters and suspects. With all the build up, the end was maybe a touch too quick. But it was a lot of fun seeing the life Archer's managed to make for himself in California and his good guy nature up against Hollywood drama.


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