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What you should know about The Brooke County Levy that will be for July 2025-2029?

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

The levy helps agencies to continue their social services for all ages. A vote against will reduce access to community services and results in agencies imposing fees, loss of state and federal funding with match requirements, and job loss.

WV Election Day is November 8th. For a sample of the ballot for your area, visit:

· Brooke County Animal Shelter $350,000

· Brooke County Senior Center (Committee on Aging) $100,000

· Brooke County Libraries $186,805

· Mary Weir Public Library $31,500

· Brooke County Health Department $200,000

· Brooke Hills Park $105,000

· Brooke County Museum $20,000

· WVU Brooke County Extension Office $73,500

· Brooke County Courthouse Improvements $60,000

TOTAL $1,126,805.00

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