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What you should know about The Brooke County Levy that will be for July 2025-2029?

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

The levy helps agencies to continue their social services for all ages. A vote against will reduce access to community services and results in agencies imposing fees, loss of state and federal funding with match requirements, and job loss.

More info:

WV Election Day is November 8th. For a sample of the ballot for your area, visit:

· Brooke County Animal Shelter $350,000

· Brooke County Senior Center (Committee on Aging) $100,000

· Brooke County Libraries $186,805

· Mary Weir Public Library $31,500

· Brooke County Health Department $200,000

· Brooke Hills Park $105,000

· Brooke County Museum $20,000

· WVU Brooke County Extension Office $73,500

· Brooke County Courthouse Improvements $60,000

TOTAL $1,126,805.00

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