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BCPL Resume Tip #29

We're sharing another piece of advice today for creating or updating your resume!

Resume Tip #29 - Important Dates

Many people will ask how specific should your resume be timeframe wise. And many people will not include any dates or years, which is a mistake. A potential employer does not need your life story, of course. But they should have a clear history of your previous job positions and education without having to guess.

Your date of birth is not needed. Most all employers are free of age requirements, unless the prospective employee is legally a minor.

Your date of graduation is helpful, either from high school, college, trade school, etc. But the specific date is not really needed, the month and year would suffice.

The principle should be applied that exact dates are not needed. But months are recommended, and years are considered required.

It can be very tempting to avoid showing any gaps in employment or education by not including any dates. That is a red flag to careful employers, and you will likely face questions about the times anyway in your interview.

To summarize quick and simple: be sure include the specific years you spent at a job position, internship, volunteer program, training or certification course, or school. Estimations on dates are fine, but you do not want to leave them out all together.

Thanks for checking in! And remember job seekers, your local library is a great place for help with a job search.

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