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BCPL Resume Tip #31

We're back this month with another helpful resume writing tidbit!

Resume Tip #31 - Don't be afraid to include some basic skills and job duties.

You know the phrase "it's all in a day's work"? Well, we won't say every little thing you do on the job is important to your potential employer, but it all adds up!

Here are some examples of common tasks you can work into a list of skills.


Customer feedback





Attention to Detail

Critical Thinking

Creative Thinking

Situation Evaluation

Establishing Goals

Self motivation

These small but important parts of your daily expectations can really set you apart from other candidates when a potential new supervisor is reviewing resumes at a glance. Not all of these apply to all your job positions, but we bet a few of them will at least. Try to work them into descriptions of your responsibilities or overall skills and assets.

That's all for now, folks! We hope you'll join us again next month, job hunters. And remember, your local library is always a great place for help with your job search.

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