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Staff Reviews 1-30-24

Secretly Yours

By Tessa Bailey

Release Date: February 7, 2023

Ebook Available from WV Reads!

3 Stars - A wordy little rom com suitable for lovers of opposites attract tropes. Hallie and Julian could not be much more mismatched. But the love letters unique twist served as a fun way to send the sparks flying between them. I personally loved how low tech this love story was. So many of these stories have now skewed to dating app disasters and I found this refreshing. I related much more to Julian than Hallie. Hallie's adorably quirky, if even a bit annoying at first. Julian's carefully planned lifestyle and lack of strong emotions is quickly toppled. And it was fun to read. Also full of fun side characters and decent dialouge too. This was was medium steamy for Tessa's stuff. I read her long before Tik Toks and I think there's a lot here to enjoy for her standby readers and newbies too.


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