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Staff Reviews 10-10-23

Deep Tide

By Laura Griffin

Release Date: April 25, 2023

Ebook Available from WV Reads!

3 Stars - A novel one part romantic suspense and the other part police procedural. Fans of romance novels and one hour crime dramas will find a lot of overlapping interest here. Leyla and Sean meet at her brother's wedding and sparks don't exactly fly but are hard to miss. Quickly though Leyla is immersed in the murder of one of her employees at her place of business (a company that felt a little vague. Bakery? Coffee shop? Catering?). She seems to find any excuse to push Sean away while he actively and sweetly pursues her. Then, the switch is flipped. Sean tries to keep her at arm's length after Leyla puts herself in danger to help advance the murder investigation. It's kind of silly but they have enough chemistry to distract you. The part I really could not understand was chapters and scenes from Nicole's POV. When she first appeared, I was lost. There was no need for the cop on the case's perspective here, a role usually filled by a main character. With Sean's side of the story, there's not really a whodunit side at play, and the casework was boring.


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