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The Heat Is On

By Jill Shalvis

Release Date: June 25, 2013

Ebook Available from WV Reads!

4 Stars - This fun little beach read had surprising intensity! Bella and Jacob both had major commitment phobia but were adorable together. When Bella's dates come under attack, Jacob's determined to get to the culprit before he gets to them.

Shalvis has a cute message at the beginning of this about having fun writing for HQ Blaze series. I think the level of fun she had showed with this one. This isn't an angsty read though there's plenty of drama. Jacob's a great hero, especially fun to see with Bella and his brothers. Bella was a bit more difficult to understand. She's baker and traveler, not one for settling down. Her list of real friends is small so it makes her instant connection with Jacob extra sweet. Both of these two do a lot verbal pushing away while pulling each other closer. It got to be a bit much here and there.

I find it interesting how many times in romances, the woman is the one with one foot out the door. Girls can be reluctant to give up their freedom too, and not just in regards to dating. More like, they don't always want to buy a house, pets, and give up traveling. It's always refreshing. The side characters were cool but not particularly funny or memorable except for Jacob's brothers. Now, for the mystery. This is not a whodunit on the level of Agatha Christie of course. But I admit I didn't know who the bad guy was until he revealed himself. There was quite a series of suspenseful moments in this one, making it easy to not put it down. I wouldn't say there were any fabulous action sequences or explosive scenes. But there was just enough intrigue to keep this one exciting. This would be a perfect paperback for romance readers to grab for a weekend trip or rainy day on the couch.


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