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Staff Reviews 4-30-24

Divine Rivals

By Rebecca Ross

Release Date: April 4, 3023

Ebook Available from WV Reads!

3 Stars - This book certainly had a little bit of everything. There's romance, mystery, fantasy, magic, war, grief, and that was all in the first half even. I do think it may have been a bit too much at times. Iris is a sympathetic if not particularly bright heroine. She's lonely, daring, hard working, and gentle. And equally important is the hero Roman, who is patient, determined, and protective. Where I struggled was not with their relationship itself or the beautiful writing style Ross has. Normally, I hate getting bogged down in settings, wardrobes, backstories, etc. I like a faster pace. But this book was in desperate need of situational details like those. Instead of alternate romantic interests or so many side characters, I needed more basics. I had no clue what year or place where they lived, etc. This was like a love story with Narnia and You've Got Mail vibes and magic typewriters. Certainly cute and entertaining but needed a little more groundwork to be top notch.


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