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Staff Reviews 9-8-23

The Blonde Identity

By Ally Carter

Release Date: August 8, 2023

Ebook available from WV Reads!

4 Stars - A really pleasant surprise read with a little bit of everything. Ally Carter's probably best known for her young adult novels. But she hardly misses a step here. This is labeled like a rom-com but to me it felt like a great cozy mystery with a lot of series potential. The main character is a mystery woman with amnesia, the twin sister of a spy. She's definitely annoying at times but sympathetic, exactly how her reluctant new partner Sawyer feels about her. His POV wasn't perfectly written but definitely added a lot to the experience. As a big fan of Ludlum's original Bourne Identity novel, it's hard to find any stories that do it any justice with their own original twists and such. But a few have got it right and this is one of them! The tradecraft details of course are a little shakey compared to actual spy thrillers with lots of research and detail. The light vibe and humor of this in comparison makes up for it though. The middle portion of the book did bog down a little with too many scenes and some repetition. Like all the blushing and going overboard on cover personalities like a Southern accent at one point. Overall, a super fun read with at least a little something for any reader.


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