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Apr. Author Birthdays

Looking for a reason to find a great read or grab a slice of cake?

We've got you covered, so go ahead and enjoy both!

Check out this list of some of our favorite fiction authors who were born in the month of April...

Tom Clancy

Born on April 12th 1947

Jeannette Walls

Born April 21st 1960

Charlotte Bronte

Born on April 21st 1816

Deborah Harkness

Born on April 5th 1965

Anne McCaffrey

Born on April 1st 1926

Sara Shepard

Born on April 8th 1977

William Shakespeare

Born in April 1564

Rachel Caine

Born on April 27th 1962

Check back in with us next month to celebrate more author birthdays!

As always, images and info are courtesy of other web pages such as WV Reads, Google, etc.

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