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BCPL Resume Tip #27

We're back with our first resume tip of 2023!

This one sounds simple but's important.

Tip #27: Put your name, location, and contact info at the top of your resume.

The first thing your potential employer should see is you.

With all the new resume formats and templates out there, this is still pretty much standard. But, a few will recommend you not list your address or putting your contact info at the bottom. We would advise to stick with the classic format instead.

Your name is a given, of course. We wouldn't recommend using your middle name or any former names. Just your legal first and last is needed. Some people are now recommending removing your address. We're in the middle on this. It's the best practice to keep your city and state under your name. This gives your possible next boss an idea of how far you might have to commute or a glimpse of your life if you're working from home. It's a solid, quick picture of yourself to paint. And it may be useful in salary talks as well.

Keep your phone number and email address right under your name and location. The last thing the employer wants to dig for is the way to reach out to you with an interview or a job offer! Putting both your phone number and an active email is absolutely essential now. Employers will likely use both, and if you are not available through one or the other, it might make them less inclined to reach out again.

Check back with us next month for another tip how to make your resume a standout! And keep in mind, your local library is a great place to work on your job search.

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