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BCPL Resume Tip #34

Welcome back, job hunters! We're ready with another simple and quick resume tip to improve your job search.

Resume Tip #34 - Keep Contact Information Up to Date

This is another tip that may seem obvious, but it can be easy to forget to check.

Make sure you're using your best email address is the number one aspect of your resume contact information. An up to date phone number is essential as well, but most employers prefer email as many people no longer answer unknown numbers right away due to scam calls. But you should remember as a job seeker to expect phone calls as well.

Check your main email address frequently as a quick response will look great to your potential new supervisor or HR representative. You want to appear eager for a job position, not indifferent. Be sure not to list a former work email address on your resume, as you won't be able to access it. And preferrably, don't list a personal email with an unprofessional name such as or

Finally, make sure your contact information is front and center of your resume, likely at the top of the page under your name is the best place. A lot of people have eliminated their addresses from their contact info on their resume page, either because of privacy concerns, work from home opportunities, or irrelevance. Employers don't usually mail any correspondence these days.

You should also ensure that the contact information you list for your references is accurate. You wouldn't want your new employer reaching out to businesses that have shut down, disconnected phone numbers, or closed email accounts. Your references if requested also reflect on your abilities.

Check in with us again next month for another tip! And remember, your local library is a great place for help with your job search.

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