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BCPL Resume Tip#33

Welcome back, job seekers! We're here with another tip to polish up your resume.

Resume Tip #33 - The Reference Section

The reference section should always be a brief snippet at the end of your one-page resume. We would recommend between 3-5 professional references here.

You can just list name and phone number, though many people include an email, physical address, and/or job title. You do not want to clutter up this section though when just one type of contact will do with today's technology.

Including their job title is slightly irrelevant. If your potential boss is going to call them, they'll ask or the reference will let them know this. Especially if you or your reference are no longer working at the same company.

Always give your reference people a heads up! Let them know with a quick text or email that you're applying places so they are not blindsided or ignoring the unfamiliar number on their phone screen. Plus, it gives them a chance to think about how to talk you up to your possible new supervisor.

Avoid using personal references like friends that have never actually worked with you. Using a family member or friend who has also been a co-worker isn't ideal, but it's acceptable. You want someone who appears unbiased and could tell a quick story about why they liked working with you basically.

Finally, don't be afraid to just end your resume with a simple "References available upon request". This won't scare off any employers, and it gives you a chance to possibly tailor which references you use to the job positions you're apply for. And it will save you room on your one-page document.

Thanks again for stopping in for a quick resume workshop with us! We offer proofreading services on resume by email and your local library is a great place for job search assistance.

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