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Resume Tip #35

Welcome back, resume writers! We're ready to share another helpful hint for preparing your resume for the big day.

Resume Tip #35 - Use outside resources.

You probably already know this, but it's worth repeating. There is a slew of resume resources and ideas out there! Why not work them to your advantage?

Now, we are not just talking about using a resume template from your word application or the internet (though when those are truly free, they can be a real asset). There's all kinds of places you can turn to for assistance.

So the phone, tablet, or computer you're on probably can easily pull up a thesaurus. You would want to avoid repeating the same words over and over again when writing your resume. This tool lets you put in the word you keep repeating like "organized" or "hauled" or "cleaned". And then it gives you suggestions on replacements. Don't stray too far from your original wording and cause confusion. But it will help you polish up your descriptions and possibly set you apart from other job candidates.

Don't hesitate to ask for former coworkers, friends, or family's advice either. You probably have someone in your work or home life that knows you very well and could make some suggestions or offer reminders.

These former coworkers may also make excellent references for your next employer to contact. A quick text or email saying something like, "Hey, haven't talked to you in a long time, but hope you're doing well! I'm applying to new jobs and wondered if I could ask something."

Even just a second set of eyes to look over your resume for you will find mistakes spell check cannot.

Also, many job seeker centers have resume and job application tips and tools, such as your state workforce office or possibly a union hall. Of course, don't forget your local library as well that could offer you help with proofreading, printing, and more!

We hope at least some of this information comes in handy. We'll be back next month with another tip!

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