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BCPL Resume Tip #28

Here's our latest resume tip for you job hunters out there!

Resum Tip #28 - Do not confuse your interests with skills.

It's very easy with most modern templates to become confused by the difference in an actual skill that will make you better at the job you're applying for and something you simply enjoy. Here are some examples.

You are good with animals. This is more an interest than a skill unless the job you are applying for will deal with animals directly such as a pet sitter, vet assistant, dog walker, or zoo keeper. If you are filling in your resume with interests in a separate section, feel free to add some personality by declaring yourself an animal lover.

You love video games. While playing video games successfully does require skill, dedication, and coordination, especially to unlock and achieve certain goals, this would not be considered a benefit to your employer. The only time it would be appropriate to add this as a skill to your resume is if you were applying to a job at a video game store, design company, or a type of video game centered customer review or testing position.

We hope this information has been helpful! Remember in your job search that your local library has resources that can help.

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