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BCPL Resume Tip #32

Thank you for checking back in, resume writers! We're excited to share another piece of advice today for your resume/CV.

Resume Tip #32 - Include your leadership experiences.

Now, you may not think that you have any leadership experience. But you might be surprised how many situations have required you to use leadership skills, particularly if you have never been a manager or supervisor. Just because your title was not a leadership role does not mean that you have no experience.

Think back to a time when you were working on a team project. Were you put in charge of anything especially important? Did you assist your coworkers with their projects or tasks when you had the time or ability to do so? Maybe you trained a newer employee on a specific tool, appliance, software, or piece of equipment. These are all examples of demonstrating leadership skills!

Even if there is no place for an example of this on your resume (remember you want to sti ck to one page!), this is an amazing job interview prep question. Frequently in an interview potential employers ask for a quick story of a personal accomplishment from a prior job position. Most people use a problem-solving example, but a moment you stepped up and took the lead or helped a coworker is great too!

We'll return next month with another tip! Until then, remember your local library is a great place for help with your job search.

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