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BCPL Resume Tips

We're sharing another resume tip this September from Brooke County Libraries! Thanks for checking in with us.

Resume Tip #23 - Consider using a summary.

A summary can be a helpful addition to your one-page resume for potential employers. The summary should be no more than 3-5 lines or one small paragraph. This could be located at the top or bottom of the document, preferrably the top, but ensure that it does not cause your resume to go over one page.

This is an easy and brief glimpse into your experience, education, and even personality. This would be the only appropriate place to quickly mention or personal life or gaps in work history.

For example:

With ten years plus of customer service experience, I am a mother of two toddlers seeking part-time employment with a trusted company.


After a hiatus from work due to injury, I am seeking to rejoin the industrial workforce in a position where I can use my five plus years experience with heavy equipment and my applicable certifications.

Again, this should not be an introduction or a way to fill too much space on the one-page. But a quick read to give the employer an insight into your potential that may not fit into the standard resume format boxes.

That's all for this month, folks! Please check in again in October and see if we can help you jazz up your resume or CV. And remember you can always check with local library for plenty of job hunt tips and resources.

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