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BCPL Staff Reviews 3-7-24

Goodbye Girl

By James Grippando

Release Date: January 9, 2024

Ebook Available from WV Reads!

4 Stars - One of the best long-running legal thriller series kicks off this story with a trial early on and keeps the excitement coming. This was paced much differently than Grippando's usual plots, not saving the courtroom scenes, twists, and action for later but plunging right in. I don't find internet piracy very interesting, even as a plot device for fiction novels, but I loved the parallels to real piracy. Some long time readers of this author will roll their eyes at a little repetition, but it's a good book for first timers too. And there's some fun and dark bad guys to hate on too. Jack's on his game here and while I thought Twenty had a better character arc for him, it's always great to see him in action in on nearly every page. Andie and Theo gets lots of supporting cast time too. I didn't like the abrupt ending, somewhat both personal and profession wise, and while I think the mini cliffhanger might take the series in a refreshing direction, there was probably a better way to present it all and tie things up. While this is my favorite book series, this wasn't my favorite entry. But certainly continuing to trend upward from slightly disappointing ones before Twenty.


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